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by Pastor Kevin Cox

"Just A Thought ... A WORD For Today From Pastor K"
"Just A Thought ... " includes the anointed teaching messages of Pastor Kevin Cox. Practical Scriptural teaching for daily living can be found on the CMDF/UM Network's "Just A Thought ... " webpage. A new Biblically based instructional teaching appears every day, Monday through Friday.

To request a monthly compilation of "Just A Thought ... " messages, write to:

Millennium House Publishing Company
P.O. Box 100125 Denver, CO 80250
Fax# (303)698-1288


"Faith & RAZZ"

"Life is a matter of perception, things are as you choose to see them."
Learn how God's 'divine design' for our minds and thought processes reinforces Deut. 30's command:
"...choose life or death - the blessing or the curse."
"Harvesting the Bitter Fruit of Unforgiveness"

"For he who sows to his own flesh will from the flesh reap decay and ruin and destruction;..."(Gal. 6:8)
Feeling spiritually poisoned by the taste of bitter fruit?
Learn to sow & reap bountifully by examing the 'root' of bad seed and removing the decay caused by festering wounds from your past.


"Diligently & Obediently Confirming the Ten Commandments"
The wrath of God is visited upon those who fail to "diligently obey" and "carefully observe" His commands & decrees.
The Ten Commandments are an expression of His love.
Includes a lesson on 'Biblical absolutes' and 'Confirmation by Conduct.'



"KORAH: The Insolent & Uprising Spirit"
From the Book of Numbers.
Learn to understand and overcome the struggles affecting God's anointed.
Arm yourself against the inevitable schemes the enemy uses to target and disrupt your ministry.
Strategies for dealing with difficult people & discerning the motivations of disruptive saints.
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