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Reccommended Books for Christian Reading:

"My people perish for a lack of knowledge."
This month's suggested books address subjects including the Ten Commandments, the Biblical basis for the founding of America, the original intentions of our Christian forefathers in the writing of the Constitution and 'double-mindedness'.
Check out the preview of Pastor K's upcoming book!

"ENOUGH IS ENOUGH - A Call To Christian Involvement"
"In Defense of Mixing CHURCH and STATE"
Rick Scarborough

Ron Mehl

"The Christian and American Law"
H. Wayne House

"HYPOCRISY - Moral Fraud & Other Vices"
James S. Spiegel

"Selling Out America's Children"
David Walsh

A new Millennium House Publishing release:
"KORAH: The Uprising & Insolent Spirit"
by Pastor Kevin Cox

From the Book of Numbers - Pastor K teaches on the spiritual struggles affecting God's anointed.
Prepare to receive wisdom & knowledge regarding the schemes & wiles used by the enemy to disrupt your ministry and hinder obedience the call of God!